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    Internet entrepreneur and computer programmer Ev Williams is the cofounder of Twitter, Blogger, and founder of Medium, three digital publishing websites that have collectively changed the way in which we consume and share information. Of his sites, first came the blogging platform Blogger, which Williams created alongside two friends after learning to code — in the process unleashing the now ubiquitous term "blogger" on the world. Next up was Twitter, the board of which he still sits on, though his current focus is Medium, which founded in 2012 — in part as a counterbalance to Twitter. “Medium doesn’t need to be the thing you check all day, every day," he told The Guardian earlier this year. "We’re not looking for addiction, we’re just looking to give people one or two of what they think are the most important things on a daily basis. Things that they care about, things that change how they think about the world.”

    Below are Ev Williams’s favorite books, available to purchase as a set or individually.

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