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    If you came of age in the’90s you could hardly fail to be aware of Neneh Cherry, whose best selling album, Raw Like Sushi gave the world “Buffalo Stance” and “Manchild”, a pair of still bitingly crisp singles that blended rap, R&B, and pop, reflecting her eclectic musical heritage her father was Ahmadu Jah, a percussionist from Sierra Leone; her stepfather was the American jazz trumpeter, Don Cherry. Her mother’s career as a much-admired artist likely had an equally significant influence. Cherry followed her debut with three more albums, including 1996’s Man, which included the singles “Woman” and “7 Seconds,” a collaboration with Youssou N’Dour, a hit single sung in three languages, including Wolof, spoken principally in Sierra Leone. Following a long break, Cherry returned in 2014 with Blank Project, a trip hop-inflected slice of futuristic soul as inventive as anything she’s ever recorded.

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    Trevor Noah


    Native Life in South Africa

    Sol Plaatje

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    Chip Kidd


    Kafka on the Shore

    Haruki Murakami

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    Rafael de Cárdenas



    Stephen King

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    Chelsea Handler


    On Booze

    F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    Matthew Modine


    The Cousteau Almanac of the Environment: An Inventory of Life on a Water Planet (Vintage Edition)

    Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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    Cillian Murphy


    Appointment in Samarra

    John O\'Hara

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    Drew Barrymore


    All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

    Robert Fulghum

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    Michael C. Hall


    White Girls

    Hilton Als

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    Lauren Hutton


    They Call Her Styrene

    Ed Ruscha

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