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    "I prefer fiction to non-fiction and really like getting involved in a long novel," says cartoonist and frequent New Yorker contributor Roz Chast. "A friend of mine said reading a long novel is like launching an ocean liner. It’s hard to get it out of the dock, but once it starts, there’s a lot of momentum. I like social satire and I love novels about money and social class. I loathe “fantasy.” There are a few science fiction books I like, like “Childhood’s End,” by Arthur C. Clarke, and “The Three Stigmata of Palmer K. Eldrich," by Philip K. Dick. But if they start to feel like “fantasy,” I’m out. I avoid books about either World War. Or any war, really.

    "I have read a lot of relatively recent novels that are wonderful too. I love Don DeLillo and George Saunders and Rachel Cusk and a million billion other writers. And don’t get me started on graphic novels and memoirs. There is so much great stuff out there.

    "Ok. I’ll stop now. Favorite books:"

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