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    Brendan Slocumb

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    A classically-trained musician, Brendan Slocumb has just published his first novel, The Violin Conspiracy, a page-turning mystery in which a young Black musical prodigy inherits a priceless Stradivarius only to have it stolen from his hotel room on the eve of performing at the world’s most prestigious music contest. Like his protagonist, Slocumb - an educational consultant for the Kennedy Center and the concertmaster for the NOVA-Annandale Symphony Orchestra - started playing violin at nine in a public schools music program, and has credited that experience for determining the shape of his life. “When my friends were out running the streets, I was in rehearsals,” he has said. “When they were breaking into houses, I was practicing Mozart or Dvorjak." Below are Brendan Slocumb's favorite books, available to purchase individually or as a set.   See the full list...

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    Joyce Maynard


    Several Short Sentences About Writing

    Verlyn Klinkenborg

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    Becky Ann Baker



    Kurt Vonnegut

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    Michaela Coel


    The Book of Eels

    Patrik Svensson 

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    Mike White


    My Lives

    Edmund White

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    Nathaniel Rich


    Epochs of Nature

    Georges-Louis Leclerc le Comte de Buffon

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    Francois Ozon


    Forbidden Colors

    Yukio Mishima

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    Jon Robin Baitz

    From: $129.83

    How to Write an Autobiographical Novel

    Alexander Chee

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    Viet Thanh Nguyen


    Your Personal Penguin

    Sandra Boynton

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    Avni Doshi


    On Beauty

    Zadie Smith

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