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    It’s hard to believe that the actor, comedian and writer Michael Ian Black, a founding member of the mainstay deadpan far-out sketch group The State as well as nearly every other meaningful funny thing in the last thirty years, has reached the advice- and letter-writing stage of his career. But he has. Black’s latest book, A Better Man: A Mostly Serious Letter to My Son, is a meditation on masculinity (and how to avoid its more pernicious forms.) “Traditional masculinity encourages strength, independence, fortitude. All good qualities,” he writes, “At the same time, though, it provides no outlets for our vulnerability. If we cannot allow ourselves vulnerability, how are we supposed to experience wonder, fear, tenderness?” Though the book is framed as a letter to his college-aged son Elijah, Black is also the father of a daughter, Ruth, and though they are both far past the reading to stages, here he remembers those books that brought them together as a family. Below are Michael Ian Black's favorite books for children, available to purchase individually or as a set.     See the full list...

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    Brandon Taylor



    Elizabeth Bishop

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    Maaza Mengiste


    Song of Solomon

    Toni Morrison

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    Tsitsi Dangarembga


    Small Country

    Gaël Faye

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    Douglas Stuart


    Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

    Jeanette Winterson

  • Full List samantha-irby

    Samantha Irby


    One Hundred Demons

    Lynda Barry

  • Full List Julio-Torres

    Julio Torres


    The Banquet Years

    Roger Shattuck

  • Full List siri-hustvedt

    Siri Hustvedt


    Process and Reality

    Alfred North Whitehead

  • Full List Sjon by Kristinn Ingvarsson



    The Fish Can Sing

    Halldor Laxness

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    Tony McNamara


    The Big Short

    Michael Lewis

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