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    American writer Curtis Sittenfeld has authored five novels: “Prep,” “The Man of My Dreams,” “Sisterland,” “Eligable,” and “American Wife,” which offers a fictionalized story based on former First Lady Laura Bush, though she will not be writing a fictionalized story based on the current First Lady. “To allow [the current administration] to take up my writing time too feels like I would be giving up something very precious. I don’t want to think about Trump more than I already am,” Sittenfeld told the Guardian. Instead she gives valuable mental real estate to authors like Alice Munro, Mona Simpson, and Ian McEwan, who make up her One Grand list below. Below are Curtis Sittenfeld's favorite books, available to purchase individually or as a set. See the full list...

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    Mary Gordon

    From: $130.90

    Diary of a Country Priest

    Georges Bernanos

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    Van Jones


    Understanding Trump

    Newt Gingrich

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    Emily Wilson

    From: $152.84


    Alice Oswald

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    Jeanette Winterson


    Invisible Cities

    Italo Calvino

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    Phoebe Robinson



    Jean Toomer

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    James Ivory



    Sjeng Scheijen

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    George Saunders


    Hope Against Hope

    Nadezhda Mandelstam

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    Trevor Noah


    Native Life in South Africa

    Sol Plaatje

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    Chelsea Handler


    Man’s Search for Meaning

    Viktor Frankl

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