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    American actress Kathy Najimy’s work can be seen across television, film, and the stage: for 13 seasons, she voiced the character of Peggy Hill on King of the Hill, and she became a comedy hit Off-Broadway as part of the comedy duo Kathy and Mo — but for children of the ‘90s, Najimy is best loved as witchy sister Mary Sanderson in Hocus Pocus, and as Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act. Najimy’s work extends beyond entertainment and into activism; as a celebrity contestant on game shows, she has won and donated money to organizations working to end violence against women, stop gender apartheid, and empower girls.

    Below are Kathy Najimy's favorite books, available to purchase individually or as a set. See the full list...

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    Christopher Guest


    Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words that Remade America

    Garry Wills

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    Amber Tamblyn


    Autobiography of Red

    Anne Carson

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    Jamie Lee Curtis


    Angle of Repose

    Wallace Stegner 

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    Alan Cumming


    After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie

    Jean Rhys

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    James Franco


    Donkey Gospel

    Tony Hoagland

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    Hugh Dancy


    The Tremor of Forgery

    Patricia Highsmith

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    Neil Patrick Harris


    Hiding the Elephant: How Magicians Invented the Impossible and Learned to Disappear

    Jim Steinmeyer

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    Mary-Louise Parker


    Remembrance of Things Past

    Marcel Proust

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    Carrie Brownstein


    Slouching Towards Bethlehem

    Joan Didion

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