Neil Patrick Harris: TOP TEN BOOKS


The star of Doogie Howser MD, and the long-running CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris is not one to be pigeonholed. In recent years the actor has ranged widely, from a very convincing creep in the big screen adaptation of Gone Girl to Hedwig, an East German transgender glam rock singer in the Broadway smash, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. His lifelong obsession with magic resulted in a the mesmerizing sleight-of-hand magic show, Nothing to Hide, which he directed, while his NBC variety show, Best Time Ever, revels in his love of pranks and pratfalls.

Below are Neil Patrick Harris’s favorite books, available to purchase as a set or individually.


The Alchemist

Paolo Coehlo
This book is magical. It is so densely packed with the most astute, illuminating, and thought provoking prose, but so beautifully woven together that you have no choice but to savor each message.
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A Confederacy of Dunces

John Kennedy Toole
This book is hysterical. Toole fleshes out his characters with such exquisite detail that you completely know them (whether or not you want to).
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Bridge to Terabithia

Katherine Patterson
This was one of my favorites growing up. It’s such a wonderfully written, bittersweet story, and perhaps the first time I was fully transported into another world by reading.
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Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn
I’m not over this book. It’s so twisty and turny and exciting and scary and creepy and addicting. I’m a fan of interesting or unusual structure; this book, with its dual (and often conflicting) narrators, makes such excellent use of our own expectations of standard structure to keep the reader on their toes. Gillian Flynn is brilliant.
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The Westing Game

Ellen Raskin
Oh, what a fun whodunit! A classic.
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JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst
I hesitate to even call this a book — it’s almost more accurate to call it a book-themed puzzle. I just love the game of it, and the presentation. JJ Abrams, building a world within a world within a world.
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Danny, Champion of the World

Roald Dahl
Truly, anything Roald Dahl. We read them all the time growing up. Just the right mix of absurdity and sweetness. Right now, as a father I’m feeling Danny, Champion of the World as it is a lovely insight into the father/son relationship.
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Dragons Love Tacos

Adam Rubin
And my kids and I love this book. It’s not easy for an illustrated picture book to hit that sweet spot, where it is fun for the both the kids and the parents to read, but this this one does it. Charming and silly, this ridiculous book is a joy.
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To Kill A Mockingbird

Harper Lee
I love this book. I love it for the experience of reading it and for what it stands for. The skill in which Harper Lee so lovingly blended a wonderful story with real issues that needed attention has made this one of the best books of all time.
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Hiding the Elephant: How Magicians Invented the Impossible and Learned to Disappear

Jim Steinmeyer
Jim Steinmeyer is the ultimate authority on the history of magic. In this book he offers a peak behind the curtain of one of the most beloved acts of magic, all while maintaining a respect for the magician’s code. A fascinating and entertaining read, especially if you are interested in magic.
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