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We have collaborated with JCRT (Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra) to create a series of limited plaid shirts that reflect the jacket designs of five books curated for One Grand including Trevor Noah (The Little Prince), Michael Stipe (Just Kids), Tilda Swinton (Modern Nature), Ta-Nehisi Coates (The Great Gatsby) and James Franco (Blood Meridian). $90 (each shirt comes with a book and a $20 to Books Abroad, which promotes literacy, education and understanding).

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The Little Prince Edition, chosen by Trevor Noah

“A wonderful fable, beautifully told. It’s so simple and yet so complicated at the same time.”

Just Kids Edition, chosen by Michael Stipe

“Because I’m reading it as I write this, and it’s amazing.”

Modern Nature Edition, chosen by Tilda Swinton

“Joy and life and more life and more joy and street corners and making a garden out of stones and making films and love.”

The Great Gatsby Edition, chosen by Ta-Nehisi Coates

“I’m a sucker for efficiency. This book gets so much out of what is, ultimately, a rather slim story. I adore it.”

Blood Meridian Edition, chosen by James Franco

“This is the western to end all westerns. Its rich tableaux of the borderlands mixed with unrelenting violence creates an inimitable portrait of our country’s history.”

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