Marcus Holiday tote

Marcus Samuelsson Book & Tea Tote

by Marcus Samuelsson


Curator Reviews

Marcus Samuelsson Book & Tea Tote

Is there a better reward after a long year than to curl up in the dark days of winter with a great read and a cup of tea? If there is, we don't know of it. At One Grand Books we've been asking celebrity bibliophiles to recommend ten favorite reads since 2015, and our archives keeps on growing. For the 2021 holiday season, we worked with three of our curators to pick one book from their lists of favorites, and then paired that book with a favorite tea. Each book is wrapped in our signature paper, and presented with the tea and dedicated bookmark in a custom-designed book tote. The Marcus Samuelsson Book & Tea Tote comes with a wrapped copy of White Girls by Hilton Als, a tine of his own-blend tea, The Earl of Harlem, and a custom tote and tag.