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    “I knew I had to do some bloodcurdling, screaming and running," Jamie Lee Curtis once recalled of making her breakthrough movie, John Carpenter’s 1978 hit, Halloween. That movie was followed by a string of horror flicks, but it was comedies like Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda, and True Lives that established Curtis as one of our most purely entertaining actors. Currently starring in the Ryan Murphy-helmed Fox series, Scream Queens, she has also carved a successful parallel career for herself as an author of children’s books. As for writing adult novels, she claims to have no interest. “I’m a reader,” she told American Libraries magazine. “All I do is devour people’s writing.”

    Below are Jamie Lee Curtis’s favorite books, available to purchase as a set or individually.

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    The Color Purple

    Alice Walker

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    Invisible Cities

    Italo Calvino

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    From: $149.80

    Metropolitan Life

    Fran Lebowitz

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    Vladimir Nabokov

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    The Earl of Louisiana

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