Curator Reviews

Sarah Waters

I admire all of Dickens's novels, but this story of class, guilt, shame and desire is the one that's affected me most. It often pops up in my own writing, in ways I never expect.

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Tilda Swinton

Faces you will never forget: and a lesson to treasure all your life: be prepared to be surprised... Cherish life as it finds you. And love Joe Gargery with all your heart.

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Christopher Guest

It is difficult to pick one Dickens novel, but this one has everything for me — a plot with multiple twists, unforgettable characters that are as alive today as when it was written and a deeply emotional core. It is also tremendously funny.

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Dan Stevens

Probably my favorite novel by another great social satirist. So rich in character and so profound in its scope on society.

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Emily Mortimer

My favorite book ever. My father was a Dickens fanatic and brought me up to be one too. I’ve read all of his novels but I think this is the best. The story of an orphaned boy who wants so badly to be a gentleman that he forgets how to be a gentle man and becomes morally corrupt, until he is forced to accept the ugly reality of his true provenance. The early scenes where young Pip plays cards with the icy and cruel Estella, whom he worships and hates, are the ones that stay with me the most.

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