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Matthew Modine

Here we are. Top of the heap. 8 billion people crawling on every piece of earth available. Early humans learned that through cooperation they could, say, travel off our planet and walk on the moon. The question now is, can we survive another millennia? With all of our technology, science, medicine, an ever exploding population, and an unending appetite for a finite amount of earthly resources, will we survive much longer?

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Michaela Coel

I was drawn to the book because of the subtitle: A History of Tomorrow. It had been a year since I left church and I was having what I now understand was an existential crisis and spinning out of my mind: what the fuck is going on, where am I, what is happening? I didn’t understand anything because I’d so whole-heartedly adopted the Bible’s account of reality Reading Homo Deus helped me understand that nobody really knows what's going on. Hariri’s theory of where we might be heading made me feel OK about uncertainty.

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Van Jones

Hang on to your hats! The future is going to be a crazy place.

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