Curator Reviews

Zackary Drucker

Viktor Frankl was a disciple of Freud. He was a psychoanalyst who, after surviving a death camp in the Holocaust, wrote this deeply spiritual book that is simultaneously psychoanalytic and autobiographical. This is a book about the power of the mind creating a reason to live in order to survive a dire situation. There is no more powerful a story than one about survival.

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Chelsea Handler

This book is one of those beautiful accounts of a terrible time in our history. His calm and sagaciousness, while witnessing one horror after another played out during his time in three separate concentration camps, is awe inspiring. He speaks to the strength of the human spirit and there is a sentence in the book that made me put it down and think — "I stopped asking myself what I expected out of life, and asked myself what life expected out of me.”

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Pamela Hanson

This book has helped me through a lot of life’s lessons. Focusing on Frankl’s experiences in a concentration camp, it is about survival, beautifully written, and makes so much sense.

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Michelle Dockery

An account of Frankl’s experiences as an inmate in Auschwitz, in which he describes his psychotherapeutic methods: Identifying a purpose in life to feel positively about and imagining the outcome. It’s a book about survival and the human spirit.

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