Zac Posen’s Favorite Books

Courtesy of Michael Beauplet

American designer Zac Posen seems to have dressed nearly every type of American woman— his dresses have been worn by celebrities like Beyoncé, Natalie Portman, Rihanna and Claire Danes; in 2014, Brooks Brothers tapped Posen as its women’s creative director, and in 2017 he was employed by Delta Air Lines to redesign the uniforms of 60,000 employees. Those who don’t wear him can watch him — in 2012 Posen became an official judge on Project Runway — or read him when his cookbook, “Cooking with Zac,” arrives on shelves in October, 2017.

Below are Zac Posen’s favorite books, available to purchase as a set or individually.


The Price of Illusion

Joan Juliet Buck
My dear friend Joan Juliet Buck has had quite a life — epic adventures in Hollywood, Paris, London, NYC and Ireland! This is her life story about the drive and allure of glamour and appearances, all the way to being the first and only American editor-in-chief of French Vogue, to her complicated relationship with her father (who was producing partners with John Houston and Peter O'Toole).
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M Train

Patti Smith
"M Train," Smith's second book after “Just Kids,” is a poetic journey woven together with memories and anecdotes accompanied by her photographs. This is a beautiful tapestry and is poignant like her songs.
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Modern Lovers

Emma Straub
Emma Straub and I went to high school together and there must've been something in the water! This is a great, true to life New York story taking the reader from college to midlife crisis. Filled with real life relationship issues — family, romance, humor! A great read!
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Kay Thompson: From Funny Face to Eloise

Sam Irvin
I love Kay Thompson! This is a wonderfully interesting, true story that still hasn't been made into a movie! Truth be told I considered optioning this for a film. The incredibly talented and eccentric Kay made her mark in history with her iconic (Vreelandesque) role in Funny Face, her classic children's book Eloise, and her famous nightclub act — just parts of an incredible journey and life.
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Martha's Entertaining

Martha Stewart
My Aunt Karen bought this book for my mother when it first came out. Martha’s first book formed the template and foundation for her iconic brand. I was entranced by this book as it brought me into the magic world of entertaining and cooking. I particularly love the gingerbread townhouse!
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Models Matter

Christopher Niquet
This book is a reminder of the great iconic beauties who have always inspired me. The text is written by fashion and insider legends who I have always admired, so it truly gives a good insight not only into the aesthetic side of fashion but also to the depth, dimension and character of each model and contributor.
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Plays, Prose Writings and Poems

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde is one of the most important figures in our history and culture — a playwright, essayist, novelist. Every time I re-read his work I am reminded of his wit and sassiness and how widely he influenced our culture. He is a model of creativity, aestheticism and sexuality.
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Songs of Innocence and Experience

William Blake
Romantic, dark and beautiful. The writings of William Blake were formative for me growing up. He was a Renaissance man and created all forms of art!
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The World of Madeleine Castaing

Emily Eerdmans
Castaing's style is original, cool and sophisticated. She was one of a kind. The book is rich with ideas for home decoration, color stories and a regal, bohemian sensibility.

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The Stories of John Cheever

John Cheever
I must include the short story “The Enormous Radio” on my list because it’s so prescient today with iPhones, Instagram, and privacy issues.
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