Curator Reviews

Kathy Najimy

I discovered this series at a small gay bookstore when I was living above a hardware store in San Diego in the ’80s. I read the first book in 24 hours straight, no sleep. Then I devoured every other novel in the series — all of them — in one day each. If I had to Sophie’s Choice pick only a couple, I would say the first novel and “Babycakes,” topped only by “Maybe the Moon,” his unrelated tome.

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Laura Linney

This is a book that literally changed my life. It gave me my career when I played Maryann Singleton in the miniseries. It has given me friendships that have elevated my understanding of love. And it has given me a connection to Armistead, an author and political activist whose character is so solid and profoundly good that I named my son after him.

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Damian Barr

I was 14 and busy hating my big gay self when I won a school trip from an especially unsunny corner of Scotland to Brighton. In a bookshop there I found Tales and on that visit I decided Brighton would become my San Francisco. I found home in the pages of Maupin’s novels of San Francisco life. And I found the possibility of friendships, of love, of life. Home is at the heart of our most enduring and powerful tales: it's where Odysseus sails back to and it's why Dorothy follows the Yellow Brick Road. I found it at 28 Barbary Lane: a fictional address in a fantasy house that feels real, peopled by characters so beloved they're family – better than family.

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