Curator Reviews

Maria Cornejo

Classic Kerouac Beat Generation, and also about America in the ‘50s which I was really fascinated by as a teenager growing up in England. I did my college thesis on this book. It has a special place in my heart.

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Michael Stipe

This book became my band’s template. To explore the country and do it all — having a great big time — on our terms, and no one else’s. Hooray! Followed by “The First Third” by Neal Cassady. The muse speaks, writes, smokes, drinks, seduces.

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Tracey Thorn

Another one I read as a teen. And didn’t just read, but carried around with me, wore it like a badge, thought it said everything about who I was: a beatnik in suburbia. I haven’t read it since, and part of me thinks now it might be awful. But I will stay true, and state for the record how much I loved it at nineteen.

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Kenny Scharf

The classic Jack Kerouac On the Road is every teenager’s bible to escape the rigors and the boredom of the “straight” world, to expand their horizons, and to question authority and what it dictates is appropriate and normal societal behavior. But most of all, it represents true freedom!

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