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    Steven Pinker is an author, psychologist, linguist and professor in Harvard University’s Department of Psychology, as well as Bill Gates favorite writer. His ten books to date include "The Language Instinct," "How the Mind Works," "The Blank Slate," "The Stuff of Thought," "The Better Angels of Our Nature,” and "The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person's Guide to Writing in the 21st Century, as well as his latest tome, "Enlightenment Now," which The Guardian described as "a bold, wonderfully expansive and occasionally irate defense of scientific rationality and liberal humanism." Here he reflects on the books that mean the most to him, as well as the books that have influenced his own writing.

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    Amy Tan


    Love in the Time of Cholera

    Gabriel García Márquez

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    Kelly Macdonald


    Writing Home

    Alan Bennett

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    Kathy Bates


    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

    Lewis Carroll

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    Meg Wolitzer


    To The Lighthouse

    Virginia Woolf

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    Uzo Aduba


    The Autobiography of Malcom X

    as told to Alex Haley

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    Quiara Alegría Hudes

    From: $147.88

    Kafka on the Shore

    Haruki Murakami

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    Lisa Ling


    Oh the Places You’ll Go

    Dr. Seuss

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    Liz Phair


    The Great Gatsby

    F.Scott Fitzgerald

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    Maria Cornejo

    From: $160.67

    Not in Fashion

    Mark Borthwick

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