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    Rachel Kushner is the author of four novels, including 2008’s Telex from Cuba, and 2013’s The Flamethrowers, both finalists for the National Book Award in their respective years, and The Mars Room, a finalist for the 2018 Man Booker Prize, for which she dove deep into the American prison system. Through meeting the real life versions of her characters in their cells, Kushner was able to extract their essences and distill it into her writing. As she told the New Yorker, about one inmate, “I just felt his person, like he went into my skin. You get a whiff of somebody’s essence, whether you wanted it or not, and that’s enough to write a whole character.” Kushner’s other works of fiction have appeared in Harper’s, the Paris Review, and the New Yorker, and in 2013 she was the recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship, receiving the Harold D. Vursell Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2016.

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    Sharon Horgan

    From: $144.80

    The Girl Who Ran

    Christina Yee and Frances Poletti

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    Jemima Kirke


    Therese Raquin

    Emile Zola 

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    Nicole Holofcener


    The Rosy Crucifixion: Sexus

    Henry Miller

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    Curtis Sittenfeld


    The Progress of Love

    Alice Munro

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    Jesse Peretz

    From: $149.80

    Metropolitan Life

    Fran Lebowitz

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    Between the World and Me

    Ta-Nehisi Coates

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    Mary Gordon

    From: $141.90

    Diary of a Country Priest

    Georges Bernanos

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    Kathy Griffin

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    Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny

    Suze Orman

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    Van Jones


    Understanding Trump

    Newt Gingrich

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