Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll


Curator Reviews

Rose McGowan

I imagine how delightful it must’ve been to write about mind altering characters. We all fall down the rabbit hole now and then. Such fierce creativity implanted young will last a lifetime.

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Tim Gunn

Children’s stories? Well, yes, but I found these books to be infinitely more enjoyable as an adult. In fact, I read these magical, vividly visual tales approximately every two to three years, because with each reading I discover more and more content and allusion.

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Kathy Bates

My first big book to read introduced me to the brilliant insanity of a topsy-turvy world that shaped my imagination for life. I learned my brain was the best toy in the whole wide world! Reading is like Alice falling into a hole, where anything can happen. If you’re lucky you can get lost in the right direction.

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James Whiteside

This book introduced me to my imagination. Its flare for the absurd and nonsensical is perfect for any age. The illustrations are iconic and inspired much of my childhood drawings.

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Caitlin Moran

I'm sure, if you scan people's brains, you can see the bit that lights up if you've read Alice In Wonderland. It is actually a cruelty for a human being not to be able to float down the river and meet the knitting sheep in the bulrushes.

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Richard E. Grant

I first read when I was a little boy and have every year since. The best guide to the English class system, sense of humor, and innately eccentric sensibility.

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