Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

by Patrick Suskind


Curator Reviews

Cortney Burns and Nick Balla

I love this morbid and mischievous book! The story traces how a man commits murder by indulging in his greatest obsession: his sense of smell. It’s about passion, desire and doing whatever it takes to experience perfection, in this case, the ultimate perfume. But does this all equal happiness? The book explores and uncovers the drive for the unattainable.

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Richard E. Grant

Having been led by my nose all my life, this story about pursuing the perfect scent is irresistible.

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Asif Kapadia

An incredible, sensual, magical, dark, twisted story. There was a point when everyone was reading this book in London and I delayed. For some reason I didn’t like the cover (embarrassing, but true), but finally the word of mouth was just too strong and I dove in, took one sniff and was blown away. It’s one of the finest books I’ve ever read. 

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Neneh Cherry

Some books just fizzle out; this burns to an end. The best last page of any book I've ever read.

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