Curator Reviews

Nia Vardalos

With her unique combination of detached irony and a clear love of language, Ms. Smith captures the angst of assimilation in this story of immigrant identity in the diaspora.

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Mike Leigh

For me, this is a most important work. Zadie Smith brilliantly evokes contemporary Britain with astonishing accuracy, and unique wit and charm. A book to savor.

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Ellie Kemper

This restless, vibrant, indelibly funny novel tackles migration, cultural identity, and the family saga with energetic good cheer. You can tell how much Smith loves her characters, and she makes me love them, too.

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Tegan and Sara

In my life, there is the time before White Teeth, and the time after White Teeth. Zadie Smith’s writing changed my view of the world, and no offense to Patricia Lockwood, but I would like to ask Zadie to come to the desert island too.

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